Meemu Airport: Dredging underway for runway construction

Dredging has commenced for runway construction under the Meemu Airport Development project.

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) was awarded the contract for the construction of the Meemu Airport on February 28, 2021. MTCC started the practical work of the project on April 6, the same year.

The construction of the Meemu Airport will include dredging 14 hectares of land, constructing a 1,200-metre long, 30-meter wide runway, shore protection for an area of 1,812 meters, a taxiway, an apron, and a terminal.

MTCC said the plastering work of the airport's fire building, dredging of the runway area, and foundation work of the terminal building are underway.

MTCC had previously aimed to complete the Meemu airport within the first three months of the current year. The state-owned company's CEO, Adam Azim, earlier told AVAS the project was delayed due to changes brought after the design stage was completed, as the changes require a larger area to be dredged. The airport is expected to be completed by November this year, he said.

The Meemu Airport project is expected to cost MVR 243.9 million.