Fares Mathoda airport to reach completion next month

GDh. Fares Mathoda Airport will reach completion within the next month, the project contractor, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has said.

MTCC was awarded the contract for the construction of the Fares Mathoda airport in November 2020. The project costs MVR 145 million and was contracted to be completed within one year and eight months.

Answering a question from AVAS, MTCC's Managing Director Adam Azim has said the airport development will reach completion next month. Azim said the airport's runway and terminal are currently being completed. It is expected that the work will be completed in December, and would be ready for opening early next year, he said.

Azim said some work is delayed due to logistical difficulties.

“There are delays in receiving some items. We are completing the work as soon as we receive the materials,” Azim said.

Faresmathoda Airport will become the third airport in GDh. atoll. The airport will have a 1,200-metre runway, apron, taxiway, terminal, and service roads, as well as other facilities necessary for a domestic airport.

In addition to the Faresmathoda Airport, the construction of airports in R. Alifushi, M. Muli, and F. Magoodhoo has also been contracted to MTCC. The work of the three airports is in different stages, said Azim.