Foundation for halfway house laid in Hoarafushi

The foundation has been laid for a halfway house being constructed in Ha. Hoarafushi.

The halfway house is being constructed to reintegrate children with criminal backgrounds back into society. The foundation of the building was laid by Home Minister Imran Abdulla, State Minister Mohamed Mahir Eesa, MTCC's Chief Operating Officer Shahid Hussain Moosa, and Hoarafushi Council President Mohamed Waheed at a ceremony held in Hoarafushi on Friday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Imran said the halfway house would be completed early next year. He said the halfway house would provide solutions to the efforts to bring juvenile offenders back into society as useful people.

The halfway house will be constructed by MTCC. The company has been given 150 days to complete the project.

The halfway house being built in Hoarafushi will become a facility to house children who have served a certain period of time in a juvenile correctional facility. As per Section 82 of the Juvenile Justice Act, programs to prepare them for reintegration back into society will be conducted at the halfway house.