Maldives reaffirms commitment to "One China" policy

The Maldives government has reiterated its commitment to the "One China" policy and expressed its support for China's approach to the Taiwan issue amid escalating tensions between the two countries over China's military exercises surrounding Taiwan.

Since the announcement of US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China repeatedly asked the United States to cancel her visit. However, Pelosi visited Taiwan and challenged China, ignoring China's stance on the matter and internationally accepted norms.

Pelosi said the leaders of powerful countries should be able to visit Taiwan and that Taiwan lost its status because of China. She said that Taiwan has not had the right to be active in the international arena due to China's influence.

China believes Taiwan is not an independent state and is a separate state of China. The country believes there is no need to establish political relations or appoint ambassadors to Taiwan.

Asked about the Maldives' stance on the escalating Taiwan issue, the Foreign Ministry reminded the Maldives' commitment to the "One China" policy. However, the Foreign Ministry will not issue an official statement on the matter, the ministry said.

Countries that accept China's "One China" policy respect China's position on the Taiwan issue. The United States itself says it believes in the "One China" policy.

However, the United States treats Taiwan as an independent state. The US empowers the Taiwanese military by providing weapons, and senior US government officials visit Taiwan and encourage to challenge China.

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is conducting missile exercises in retaliation for Pelosi's visit to Taiwan - a warning that China could occupy Taiwan. The US approach to empowering Taiwan is to control China's activities in the South China Sea. It is also on the US agenda to increase US power in the region.