Minibus service to commence in Male' on Monday

Minibus services will commence in Male' City on Monday.

An official of MTCC, the Male' City bus operator, confirmed to AVAS that minibus service would begin on Monday. The service will begin when MTCC completes a two-week trial run.

Minibus services are free for the first two weeks. After that, a fare of MVR 7 will be charged per ride. Children below the age of three, students in uniform, and the elderly will be allowed to travel free of charge. The buses used to provide the service will have the capacity to carry 20 passengers, and one seat is reserved for wheelchair users. Twelve minibusses will be used to provide services in the city.

The minibus service will be operated on two main routes on Majeedhee Magu and Ameenee Magu. Vehicle parking has been prohibited on these two roads, and new parking zones are being set up in other areas. The City Council is also renovating road signs and installing traffic boards along the bus routes.

The launch of minibus services in the city is one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's presidential pledges to be fulfilled within 100 days of taking office.