RTL minibus: Over 2,000 passengers on first day of service

More than 2,000 people used the minibus service in Male' City on the first day of service.

According to the bus operator, Maldives Transport and Contracting Service (MTCC), 2,257 people used the minibus service on Monday.

The minibus service was launched on Monday on three routes: the Ameenee route, Sosun route, and Orchid route. Bus service is available from 5:45 a.m. to 12:15 a.m.

MTCC's data shows 621 passengers used the Orchid route, while 754 passengers used the Sosun route. A further 882 passengers used the Ameenee route.

MTCC's CEO Adam Azim said there is a huge positive response to minibus services in Male' city. He acknowledged difficulties in providing service due to vehicles being parked in undesignated spots. Police have started issuing parking tickets and towing vehicles that disrupt bus service.

"Thank you for your cooperation. Please park your vehicle where it is designated," Azim said.

The min bus service is organized to cover four neighborhoods of the city. A total of 40 bus stops have been established on the bus routes, and buses will arrive at each stop every 15 minutes. Eighteen buses are being used to provide service, eight of which have ramps and wheelchair access for people with disabilities. There are 20 seats on special needs buses and 22 seats on other buses. In addition, 10 people can travel standing.