AP formulates 10-year strategic plan

Adhaalath Party (AP) has formulated a strategic plan for the next 10 years.

The plan was approved by the party's council chaired by the party's President and Home Minister Imran Abdulla.

The first draft of the plan was drawn up on February 5 this year. The plan was finalized from 11 to 13 last month at a two-day workshop conducted in R. Kinolhas.

The strategic plan of the Adalat Party includes eight main areas: Internal management, branches and fields, public relations, party policies, elections, party finances, domestic and foreign relations, and party membership.

The party has decided to launch special trips to the atolls to increase its membership. Senior party officials will take part in the trips.

Part of the ruling coalition, AP has not had much success in any elections. Currently, there are no members from AP in the Parliament.