Kudagiri picnic island to open this year

The picnic island being developed in Kudagiri will be opened this year, the President's Office said.

Speaking to reporters at the President's Office today, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed said Kudagiri is expected to be opened within this year. Miuwan said that both the President and the Vice President are closely monitoring the progress of the picnic island.

The government previously planned to open Kudagiri to coincide with this year's Independence Day celebrations. The Planning Ministry said the island's opening was postponed as some work, such as adding greenery and establishing some services, was not completed.

The Planning Ministry awarded the project to MTCC last year to dredge the Kudagiri lagoon and develop a picnic island. The work was awarded to be completed in 150 days at a cost of MVR 41.4 million. Eight hectares of land were dredged, and a 397.27-meter rock breakwater and 428.32-meter rock groyne were constructed on the island.

A picnic island for residents of Male' City is a presidential pledge of President Solih.