'Pres Yameen's trips yielded no results'

Former President Abdulla Yameen made more than 30 trips abroad during his tenure, the President’s Office has said.

Miuwan's comments come while the opposition has been criticizing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for his several trips abroad.

At a press conference held at the President's Office on Thursday, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed said the former president made six trips to Singapore in 2014 alone. During his tenure, he made nine trips in total to Singapore, six trips to Saudi Arabia, and four to Malaysia. Miuwan said President Yameen visited China and India three times, Sri Lanka twice, and once each to Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, and the UAE.

Miuwan said President Solih has to make many trips to fulfill his responsibilities as President, to check on the people, and to check on the progress of projects. He said the President has to travel within and beyond the Maldives for this reason. He compared President Solih's trips to that of Yameen's and said Yameen's trips yielded no results.