Police find body believed to be missing man

The body of a man believed to be Mohamed Azhan, 27, who went missing from Hulhumale' has been found.

Azhan was reported missing at 7:00 pm on September 19, after his family did not hear from him from 6:00 am on September 18. On September 25, the police said CTV footage showed Azhan exiting a guesthouse in Hulhumale' Phase I, and going to Hiyaa Tower 13 in Hulhumale' Phase II in a car. He left the tower at 4:43 am that night, got into a white taxi, and returned to the guest house. The police said the taxi driver last saw Azhan near the Redbull Stadium.

Police said a body believed to be Azhan's body was found at 5:45 pm on Sunday. The body found today was in a "highly decomposed stage" when found, the police said.

Sharing information on the case, Head Superintendent of the Serious and Organized Crimes Unit of the police, Hassan Saeed said a post-mortem would be conducted to determine whether the body is indeed Azhan's, and that the decision had been shared with Azhan's family.

Superintendent Saeed said the police are investigating if anyone was involved in Azhan's death. However, there are no suspects at this time, he said.

Police also confirmed that Azhan’s phone was not found in the area where the body was found. The official said the area where the body was found was searched based on CCTV footage.