Hulhumale' halfway house to open mid-November

The National Drug Agency (NDA) has announced that the halfway house in Hulhumale' will be opened next month.

The halfway house was built in 2015 with the assistance of Caritas Italiana, a private Italian association.

NDA Chairman Shamau Shareef said a halfway house was previously operated in Hulhumale'. However, the halfway house was run very modestly in a run-down building that needed many repairs, he noted.

"After the renovations undertaken this year, we will hopefully open the facility by mid-November. We will convert the halfway house into a reintegration hub," Shamau explained.

Shamau further said necessary assistance is not provided to those who complete drug treatment programs and return to society, resulting in such people returning to drug environments. The halfway house is being opened as a reintegration hub to prevent rehabilitated drug users from going back to drugs, he said.

The halfway house will provide various trainings to those who complete drug treatment programs, said Shamau. Many programs and sessions will be conducted to teach different skills, he said.

The NDA aims to provide employment opportunities for those receiving treatment at the halfway house. Relevant agreements to facilitate the arrangements are being signed with government-owned companies, Shamau said.

The Drugs Act requires the relevant authorities to establish treatment centers for drug addicts.