Abdulla's death: President orders fair investigation

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has asked Home Minister Imran Abdulla to conduct a fair investigation into the death of Abdulla Rasheed, Saven, GDh. Hoadedhoo.

Abdulla Rasheed passed away on Tuesday while in police custody on charges of drug trafficking. Some sources say he complained of chest pains at the time of arrest and died due to a delay in receiving medical treatment.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed Friday said the President had spoken to Home Minister Imran Abdulla and directed him to conduct a fair and proper investigation into Abdulla Rasheed's death. The President is closely monitoring the matter, he said.

Commissioner of Police Mohammed Hameed earlier on Friday said it was sad that Abdulla Rasheed died while in police custody. He said he would cooperate fully with the investigation into possible police negligence.

Police are preparing to conduct an autopsy on Abdulla's body. The family has said they will not accept the deceased's body if the autopsy is conducted without their consent.