Eleven expats die in tragic fire

The death toll from the fire in M.Nirufehige has risen to eleven.

The fire broke out at a garage in M. Nirufehige early Thursday, and police received reports of the incident at 12:17 am. Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) was alerted at around 12:30 am and Fire and Rescue were on the scene by 12:33 am. Ninety percent of the fire was contained by 4:00 am, and completely quelled by 4:34 am.

According to MNDF's Fire and Rescue Service Commander, Ibrahim Rasheed, the incident took place in a building where a large number of Sri Lankan, Indian and Bangladeshi migrant workers resided. While 11 deaths have been recorded thus far, MNDF confirmed that 10 bodies were recovered from the building. Commander Rasheed said it is difficult to identify whether the deceased are men or women.

IGMH Media Coordinator Hawwa Afeef confirmed to AVAS that one of the two people who were taken to the hospital had died. The second man is in critical condition and is still being treated on a ventilator. The hospital has not released any further details about the two men who were taken to the IGMH. The hospital confirmed that 10 bodies were found inside the building.

Commander Ibrahim said the reason for the fire is not clear. He said the garage had various types of gas, which made quelling the fire more challenging. The number of people inside the building at the time of the fire is not clear, he added. Therefore, it is possible that the death toll may rise.