Will take action against MPs who defied whipline: Aslam

MDP Parliamentary Group Leader and Majority Leader of Parliament Mohammed Aslam has said that action will be taken against those who voted against the whipline.

When asked to vote on the TGST and GST hike in the Parliament today, 14 out of 66 members of the MDP parliamentary group voted against the tax hike.

Members of the MDP Parliamentary Group have issued a three-line whip in the Prosecutor's Group to vote for the tax increase. However, 14 MPs supporting MDP President and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed voted against the tax increase.

When asked by Awaaz whether action would be taken against the members who violated the discipline, Hithadu North MP Mohammed Aslam said action would be taken against the members in accordance with the rules.

"There will be a rule to take action against prosecutors. I am not the one who takes action. But when the case is filed, we will investigate it," Aslam said.

The first step in taking action against the members of the Prosecutor's Group is to advise them. He was then ordered to apologize, banned from contesting party elections for one year, and subsequently expelled from the party.

Aslam said there was no reason for certain members to vote against a decision of the Prosecutor's Group. Contrary to the whipline, the members were not informed of anything before voting.

Aslam added that voting against the decisions of the parliamentary group is unacceptable. If you work for the party, you have to stick to the rules, he said.

Some MDP MPs who opposed the tax increase had earlier said that the tax increase had been proposed without consultation.