Ameenee Magu: Delays due to lack of cooperation, says RDC

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) has said the reconstruction of Ameenee Magu is being delayed due to the lack of cooperation from other agencies.

The government awarded the contract to RDC for Ameenee Magu reconstruction on July 3 last year for MVR 84 million. RDC was given seven months to complete the work, and the practical work of tarring Ameenee Magu was inaugurated on August 30. The road is currently closed from the Boduthakurufaanu Magu-Ameenee Magu junction to the Irudheymaa Hingun-Ameenee Magu junction.

Earlier, RDC had told AVAS that all works on the first segment of Ameenee Magu's tarring will be completed by the third week of October. However, while the date has now passed, the work remains incomplete.

When asked about the delay in completing the first segment, RDC blamed the hold-up on the lack of cooperation from other involved agencies.

RDC's Media Coordinator Ahmed Fairooz told AVAS Monday that all works except laying the asphalt on the first segment of Ameenee Magu have been completed, including sewerage works. He said the first segment will not be paved until two more segments are completed. However, the work to be done on the next two segments has not yet been completed, he said.

"There are difficulties that come with laying the asphalt in small segments. So, that part of the process will start after completing two more segments along the length of the first segment," Fairooz said.

RDC further said despite there being much work to be done in the next two segments of Ameenee Magu, the work is currently at a standstill. One reason for the delay was the lack of cooperation from other agencies, RDC said.

"Ameenee Magu does not have a blueprint. New problems arise as you dig. This is a project involving many stakeholders- STELCO, MWSC, Ooredoo, MediaNet, and many other agencies are working together. Agencies wish to bring further upgrades to components related to them. However, they do not provide us with the equipment necessary to bring the upgrade. This is why the work is being delayed,” Fairooz said.