Ameenee Magu work suspension not due to MWSC

Male' Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has said the reconstruction of Ameenee Magu is at a halt, not due to any negligence of the company.

The government awarded the contract to RDC for Ameenee Magu reconstruction on July 3 last year for MVR 84 million. RDC was given seven months to complete the work, and the practical work of tarring Ameenee Magu was inaugurated on August 30. The road is currently closed from the Boduthakurufaanu Magu-Ameenee Magu junction to the Irudheymaa Hingun-Ameenee Magu junction.

The RDC last week said the road construction work is currently at a halt due to a lack of cooperation from other involved agencies. A statement issued by the corporation said the work had been suspended due to MWSC's failure to provide the necessary resources to upgrade some of their systems during the road construction process. RDC said it had requested the Planning Ministry to suspend the construction work until sufficient resources are provided to continue the work without interruption.

Speaking to AVAS regarding the claim, MWSC's Managing Director Hassan Shah said the main equipment necessary for the project's second phase is readily available and that the work can be immediately started. However, MWSC has been asked to postpone the delivery of some equipment due to a lack of space at the RDC site, Shah said.

Shah further said that there are only two items that still need to be obtained, including a junction box lid. Even if these items are not available, the work can be started, and the pending items can be handed over to RDC before they are needed, he said.

"I don't believe that the work is delayed because we don't have the material. We will have shared the date on which the items will be available with the RDC. Therefore, RDC can plan and continue their work based on that, until the items are available," Shah said.

Shah said things would move along smoothly if all agencies worked together instead of pointing fingers and putting blame on one another. All the companies involved in the construction of Ameenee Magu are already in communication, he said.