Agreement signed with Villa Educational Service to construct school in Hulhumale'

Villa Educational Services Pvt Ltd has signed an agreement with the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to construct a private school in Hulhumale'.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Villa Educational Services by the Villa College Rector Ahmed Anwar. HDC's Managing Director Ahmed Athif signed the document on behalf of HDC.

The school will have six floors and be built in Hulhumale' Phase I. The school will have a total capacity of 761 students and 20 classrooms. Grades 1 through 10 will be taught at the school and will offer education to children with special needs. In addition, a robotic lab will also be established at the school.

The new school will create about 100 job opportunities in the administrative and educational sectors.

HDC is doing a lot of work to create a generation that receives a quality education in Hulhumale. The HDC appreciates the cooperation from the government and private companies in working towards the goal.