Criminal Court releases suspect involved in 119kg drug bust

The Criminal Court has released a man involved in a drug case from 2021 where 119 kg of drugs were seized in an operation.

Police seized the drugs in an operation conducted on December 12 last year after stopping a car in Male' City's Buruzu Magu. The two men arrested on the scene were identified as Ahmed Sunain, 25, of Irumatheege, GDh. Hoandhedhdhoo and Ali Zubair, 52, of Guleynooranmaage, GDh. Hoandhedhdhoo.

At the time, the police said the drugs were smuggled into the city on a speedboat named 'Bangaa' in the early hours of December 12. The police said that in addition to the suspects arrested on the scene, Akram Abdul Hannan, 31, of Dhoadhi, GDh. Hoandhedhdhoo and Ahmed Mujahid, 29, of Alora, GDh. Hoandedhdhoo were involved in the case. The police said 86 rubber packets containing drugs were recovered from a car linked to the suspects and five rubber packets from under the seat of a motorcycle.

This week, the Criminal Court released Ahmed Mujahid on the grounds that the case was being delayed without a permanent judge in the court's relevant section.

Mujahid was released on conditions. These include not communicating with prosecution witnesses, not influencing evidence, and appearing in court as directed by the court. The conditions also include not leaving his place of residence except if necessary.