All political posts have a purpose, says Spokesperson

The President's Office has said that all political posts have responsibilities that come with them.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed told reporters at the Presidential Office on Thursday that the government creates political positions to implement its manifesto. He said that such positions are created to provide government services to the people.

The ruling four-party coalition government has been criticized for the increase in political positions. Before coming to power, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had promised to cut spending on political positions. However, the number of political posts under the current government is still more than in former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's government. Critics say the government has created more than 900 political positions.

"The government creates political positions under the powers vested in the President by the Constitution. The political positions created by the government are done so to fulfill responsibilities," Miuwan said.

Although the Information Commissioner's Office has asked the government to disclose the number of political posts, the number has not yet been publicized.