Blackjet launches direct flights to the Maldives

BlackJet airline has launched flights from Moscow to the Maldives' Velana International Airport (VIA).

The Tourism Ministry said the launch of Blackjet flights is expected to increase the number of high-end tourists visiting the Maldives.

Russia is currently the second-largest tourist source market for the Maldives. According to statistics from the Tourism Ministry, as of December 6, 12.2 percent of tourist arrivals were from Russia.

The budget for the current year estimated 1,520,060 tourist arrivals for the year in a worst-case scenario. The figures show that 1,524,265 tourists visited the Maldives in total as of December 6, exceeding the worst-case estimate.

The budget estimates that 1,632,432 tourists will visit the Maldives this year in moderate conditions and 1,835,047 in best conditions.