Post-mortem finds Nishama killed by strangulation

A post-mortem has found that NIshama Mohamed, 28, was killed by strangulation.

Nishama was found dead at her residence on December 10. Her husband, Faisal Aboobakuru, was accused of her murder and was arrested in Kulhudhuffushi City later the same day. However, he attempted suicide while in police custody and passed away on December 19 after being treated on ventilator support.

Last week, Nishama's body was sent to India to conduct a post-mortem to determine her cause of death. Referring to the post-mortem findings, the police Saturday said the 28-year-old mother of three was killed by asphyxia as a result of external pressure on the neck. However, the police did not disclose any further details.

The police conducted a post-mortem on Nishama's body against her family's wishes. According to regulations, police have the power to conduct post-mortems on suspicious deaths even if the family refuses.

Nishama's body was buried after Maghrib prayers on Saturday.