Over 100 child abuse cases filed in December

The Gender Ministry has said that child abuse cases were the highest in number among all cases filed at the ministry in December 2022.

According to the Gender Ministry's monthly statistics, 109 cases of child abuse were reported to the ministry in December last year. The most common of these are cases of a child witnessing domestic violence being committed. Thirty such cases were reported during the period.

Additionally, 29 cases of negligence and 19 cases of child sexual abuse were reported during the same month. Thirteen cases of physical abuse and 12 cases of mental abuse of children were also reported.

The ministry also received one case of bullying by other children, one case of blackmail, and one case of cyberbullying by other children. In addition, 54 cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence were reported to the ministry during the same period. These included 26 cases of physical assault.

The Gender Ministry received 11 cases of self-harm in December. There were also 20 requests for assistance for people with disabilities and the elderly.