Planning Minister moving to Addu to oversee projects

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has decided to move to southernmost Addu City for a short period of time to speed up the work of development projects.

Replying to questions raised by Parliament members on Wednesday, Minister Aslam said the people of Addu City are dissatisfied with the progress of the city's road construction project. He is scheduled to visit Addu City to look into these issues and resolve them and expedite the projects, he said.

"I will move to Addu City and base myself there for a short while," Aslam said.

Minister Aslam will travel to Addu City on Saturday. However, he did not say how long he would spend in the city.

The minister said the people of Addu are facing difficulties due to the roads being dug simultaneously in different parts of the city. There are several other problems in addition to this, he said.

Two major projects are currently underway in Addu City under the supervision of the Planning Ministry. They are road construction and land reclamation projects.