Almost 350 development projects currently underway

Three hundred forty-five projects are currently underway in different parts of the country, Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said.

Responding to a question by Nilandhoo MP Abdul Muhsin Hameed at Wednesday's Parliament sitting, Minister Aslam said 345 projects are underway while 77 additional projects have been planned.

The minister also shared information on the progress of individual projects. He said 35 port and bridge projects had been completed, and similar projects are underway in 42 islands. He added that the construction of 12 harbors has been awarded to the contractors and is ready for implementation.

The minister said shore protection projects of 18 islands had been awarded to contractors, and eight projects had reached completion. The shore protection projects of 23 islands will be handed over to contractors very soon, he said.

Sharing information on road construction projects, the minister said that road development works are underway in 21 islands, while similar projects in three islands have been assigned to the contractors.

The minister said reclamation projects are ongoing in four islands, while such projects have reached completion in six islands. He said that contractors had been assigned to dredge the land of 10 more islands.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to establish water and sewerage systems in all islands of the Maldives before the end of next year. Sharing information on the progress in reaching this goal, the minister said more than 130 water and sewerage projects have been awarded to contractors and are currently underway.