Gov't shares statistics on completed and ongoing projects

The government has shared details of ongoing and completed development projects.

At a press conference held at the President's Office on Thursday, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed shared information on the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) development projects.

Miuwan shared the figures for water and sewerage, harbor construction, and housing projects. He said eleven water and sewerage projects have already been completed under the current administration, while 118 such projects are underway. He refuted claims by some politicians that they provided water and sewerage services to a large part of the population during their administrations.

“The work would not be ongoing in 118 islands if the work had been done in the past and these services had been provided as basic services to the people,” he said.

Miuwaan said 12 water and sewerage projects are currently in the process of being contracted and started. The President's aim is to ensure that all islands in the Maldives have access to basic water and sewerage services by the end of this term, he said.

Sharing the statistics on the ongoing harbor and jetty development projects, Miuwan said 44 projects had been completed while 37 projects are ongoing. The harbor and jetty projects of 11 islands are in the process of being contracted, and some projects in other islands are in different stages.

The figures for road construction projects show five such projects have reached completion while 21 are underway. Three projects are set to begin soon, Miuwan said.

In addition, twelve beach protection projects have been completed, and 12 projects are underway to resolve erosion issues, he said. Fourteen projects have already been contracted, while the shore protection projects of 11 islands are at tendering stages. Twenty-five projects are in other stages.

Miuwan said five housing projects had been completed over the past four years while seven are underway. Eight projects have been contracted, and five are in the tendering stage.

“This year, about 16 projects will be implemented in different stages,” he said.

The Spokesperson added that 34 power plant construction projects have already been completed. Forty-two projects are under implementation while 53 projects have been contracted, and 21 projects are in other stages, he said. In addition, 28 major health sector projects have been completed, he said.