Heath Ministry seeks experts to review medical cases

The Health Ministry is seeking technical experts to prepare reports on medical cases submitted to the ministry.

The ministry said the information of the reviewers would be confidential. Reviewers will be paid an allowance between MVR 5,000 and MVR 20,000 as per the prescribed rules.

The Health Ministry said that the documents submitted by the Ministry should be examined, and recommendations should be given as a technical expert. If further information is required regarding a submitted case, the reviewer must work with the ministry to obtain that information. A detailed report must be submitted to the Ministry after considering all the documents and information obtained in connection with the case. While the reviewers will be paid for each case reviewed, completed reports on preliminary reviews must be submitted within 72 hours. For expedited reviews, the completed reports must be submitted within seven days. Reviewers will be granted four weeks to complete the report on routine reviews.

Applicants must have a postgraduate medical degree to be eligible for the job. Applicants must also be registered and licensed with the Medical and Dental Council. According to the Health Ministry, preference will be given to those with three or five years of experience in the field.

The deadline for applications is March 30, 1:00 pm.