Ameen tasked with planning JP's presidential campaign

The Jumhooree Party has appointed a person to plan its campaign for the presidential election.

JP said its leader, Gasim Ibrahim, appointed the party's Deputy Leader and former Transport Minister, Ameen Ibrahim, to plan the upcoming election's campaign. The party said Gasim had requested all party members to cooperate with Ameen in his task.

In a message sent to the DP council members' WhatsApp group, Gasim said he needed the assistance and cooperation of all to win the presidential election.

"You all have an important role to play in this campaign," he said.

The JP is still in coalition with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Despite an invitation by President Solih to form a new alliance for the upcoming presidential election, Jp has decided to contest the election separately and lead its own coalition.

President Solih told the media on Tuesday that he had not received an official response from the JD to his letter. Therefore, he is awaiting a response from the party, he said.