Qasim appoints campaign managers for the presidential election

Jumhooree Party (JP) Leader Qasim Ibrahim has named his campaign managers for the upcoming presidential election.

In a message to the JP Council group, Qasim announced the appointment of the party's Deputy Leader Ameen Ibrahim, and his Special Envoy Ilham Ahmed to jointly manage the campaign.

The party has decided to split the country into two parts for campaigning purposes, with Ilham heading the campaign in the south and Ameen in the north. Ilham will oversee the campaign in the southern region from Vaavu atoll to Addu City and half of Male' City, while Ameen will handle the northern region from Haa Alif atoll to Alif Dhaal atoll and the other half of Male' City.

According to Qasim, Ilham and Ameen will jointly handle all matters related to the party presidential ticket handover and the campaign launch event. Qasim has called on all members of the party council, party leadership, and committees to collaborate with their respective atoll teams and provide necessary assistance and cooperation to the appointed campaign managers.

The presidential election is scheduled for September 9.