Alifushi airport terminal's foundation completed

The foundation work of the Alifushi Airport terminal building has been completed.

The government awarded the contract to develop Alifushi airport to MTCC on September 1 last year with a deadline of 750 days. The value of the project is MVR 452 million. The scope of the project includes dredging 50.5 hectares of land for the construction of the airport, including 40.5 hectares for the airport and 10 hectares for housing. A 2,871-metre ​revetment and a 480-meter groyne will be constructed to protect the shore of the dredged land. The airport will have a 1,200-metre runway, taxiway, terminal buildings, security fence, fire station, and service road.

MTCC today said that the foundation works of the airport terminal building had been completed under the Alifushi land reclamation and airport development project. The roofing of the fire building is currently underway.

The dredging work for the construction of the airport started on August 2 last year. MTCC aims to complete the construction of the airport before the end of this year. In order to expedite the work, MTCC is leveling the ground as the land is reclaimed.

In addition to the Alifushi airport, the government is developing airports in HDh. Makunudhoo, Sh. Bilehfahi, B. Thulhaadhoo, M. Muli, F. Magoodhoo, Th. Vilufushi, and an unspecified location in Raa atoll. Last year, an airport was opened in GDh. Faresmathoda. The government aims to open Muli Airport before the end of the year.