Decline in number of Russian tourists

The Maldives is witnessing a decrease in the number of Russian visitors, who are the country's biggest tourism market, as per official statistics.

According to the Tourism Ministry, the number of Russian tourists visiting the Maldives has been declining since January. Russian tourists account for 11.9 percent of the 682,650 visitors that arrived in the Maldives as of April 29.

While the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and the EU over the Russian-Ukrainian war have played a part in this decline, Russia still continues to be the leading tourism market in the Maldives.

Number of Russian tourists by month

January - 23,180 tourists
February - 21,567 tourists
March - 20,313 tourists
As of April 29 - 16,275 tourists

Meanwhile, China, which was the top source market before the COVID-19 pandemic, has started to recover. Chinese tourists began arriving in the Maldives on January 18 after a three-year hiatus. The numbers have been increasing steadily, with 30,353 Chinese tourists visiting the Maldives so far this year. This is a positive sign for the Maldives tourism industry and the country's economy.

The Maldives government is optimistic about the future, estimating that 1.8 million tourists will visit the country this year. The government is exploring various strategies to ensure that the Maldives remains an attractive destination for visitors from around the world.

Number of Chinese tourists by month

January - 5,796 tourists
February - 4,276 tourists
March - 7,619 tourists
As of April 29 - 12,662 tourists