Foreign Minister issued 14-day notice to respond to no-confidence motion

Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has been given 14-days notice to respond to the no-confidence motion against him.

The no-confidence motion, signed by 13 MPs, was initially moved on May 13 and later withdrawn on May 15. It was refiled a day later after adding some parts to the withdrawn motion.

Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla, who presided over Monday's Parliament sitting, announced that Minister Shahid had been issued a 14-day notice from May 21 to respond to the motion.

The no-confidence motion was signed by MPs from the opposing parties, PPM, PNC, and MNP. Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain from Jumhooree Party also signed the motion. A senior official from JP said the MP signed the motion in his own capacity and not on behalf of the party. Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) was the only MP among those that supported Speaker Nasheed that signed the motion.

The opposition has also moved a no-confidence motion against Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath in relation to the Chagos dispute. His 14-day notice was issued on May 16.