Land plot recipients will be announced in June, minister re-affirms

The list of Male' City land recipients will be announced next month, Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam said today.

In June last year, the government opened the opportunity for Male' residents to apply for 3,000 out of 5,000 plots and 4,000 flats to be issued from the Greater Male' Area. The response was overwhelming, with 35,861 applications submitted by the deadline.

During today's parliamentary session, Minister Aslam responded to a question raised by Henveiru Central MP Ali Azim regarding the efforts to provide housing for Male' City residents.

In his response, the minister noted that he had previously told the Parliament that the land recipients would be announced in June and reaffirmed that the timeline would be met.

With Minister Aslam's reply, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who was presiding over the session, expressed his concern over the varying dates mentioned by the minister in Parliament, suggesting the need for specific details on how the process would unfold in June.

"I think the people represented by the Honorable MP will need details on how this will be achieved in June and other such details," Nasheed commented.

Minister Aslam responded that he had answered the question posed to him, as he did on his last appearance in Parliament when he said the list would be publicized in June.

Three sizes of plots will be allocated under the 'Binveriyaa Scheme'. This includes 1,000 plots from Hulhumale' and 2,000 plots from Gulhifalhu. Any Male' resident who does not own 600 sqft of land and would not inherit land of the size can apply for these plots. The minimum plot size for an individual is 1,250 sqft, and an additional 400 sqft for each additional person in case of joint application. A total of 4,000 sqft will be allocated if the application is submitted by more than seven people.