Tourist arrivals decline by 5 percent

The number of tourists from Russia, the Maldives' top tourist market, fell sharply in May, according to the Tourism Ministry.

Statistics show 94,604 tourists arrived in the Maldives this month by May 24, marking a 5.7 percent decrease from the 100,230 tourists who visited the Maldives during the same period last year.

Although the Maldives' tourism grew in the first four months of the year, the decline in May is primarily attributed to the decrease in Russian tourist arrivals. As of May 24, the number of Russian arrivals was at 9,548, a significant decline compared to previous months. The number of Russian tourists visiting the Maldives has been declining steadily month over month amid sanctions imposed by the United States and the EU over the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Russian tourist statistics by month

January - 23,180 tourists
February - 21,567 tourists
March - 20,313 tourists
April - 16,979 tourists
As of May 24 - 9,548 tourists

Despite the decline in May, the overall tourism industry has shown growth. A 15.6 percent increase in total tourist arrivals has been recorded over the same period last year. Statistics show that 782,889 tourists have visited the country so far this year, compared to 677,034 tourists during the same period last year.

Top 10 tourism markets

Russia - 91,587 tourists
India - 89,619 tourists
United Kingdom - 71,359 tourists
Italy - 59,593 tourists
Germany - 57,274 tourists
China - 43,411 tourists
United States - 32,222 tourists
France - 28,855 tourists
Switzerland - 18,962 tourists
South Korea - 14,412 tourists

The Maldives currently boasts 170 resorts, 899 guesthouses, 159 safaris, and 13 hotels, providing a total of 60,734 beds to accommodate tourists.