"Preservation of independence and sovereignty relies on nurturing diplomatic ties with other nations"

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emphasized that the preservation of the Maldives' independence and sovereignty relies on nurturing diplomatic ties with other nations, as regional and international harmony is the most effective remedy for liberation from oppression.

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark the 131st anniversary of the armed forces on Tuesday night, President Solih said the Maldivian Army should be very careful to avoid all things that could cause division. President Solih stated that the armed forces have the utmost national and individual responsibility to protect and maintain peace, stability, and harmony. He highlighted that they have steadfastly upheld our independence and sovereignty, despite the global challenges.

"The only way to ensure the Maldives' continued independence and sovereignty is to safeguard and promote regional and international security. This can only be achieved through close cooperation with other countries and international partners," the President said.

President Solih also highlighted the developments and achievements made by the MNDF over the past years. He noted that the armed forces now have servicemen and servicewomen who are highly educated and capable and who have received military training and skills. He also mentioned the MNDF's role in protecting the country and nation from land, air, and sea threats.

President Solih noted the administration's efforts over the past four years to advance and develop the armed forces. He cited numerous accomplishments, including the unprecedented enhancement of capabilities. He also stated that the government is acquiring advanced weapon-firing simulators and anti-drone systems and is planning to develop the Coastguard and Fire and Rescue Services.

At the ceremony, the President presented medals to four retired generals and other servicemen and servicewomen who had distinguished themselves in service to the armed forces.

The military, in its present form, was instituted on April 21, 1892, during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Nooraddin Siree Sundura Kaththiri Bavana Mahaaradhun.