Hassan Latheef appointed as The Democrat's interim Chairperson

The emerging political party, The Democrats, has appointed Henveiru West MP and the party's founder, Hassan Latheef, as its interim Chairperson.

The party fulfilled the necessary legal requirements to register the party by conducting its inaugural congress last night at Ghiyasuddin School. During the meeting, decisions regarding the party's name, logo, colors, and temporary positions were successfully approved.

During the proceedings, Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb proposed the appointment of Hassan Latheef as the party's interim Chairperson. Alongside Latheef, former LGA CEO Afshan Latheef, former Deputy Minister of Environment Mohamed Ansar, and Noonu Atoll Council President Mohamed Basheer were chosen as Deputy Chairpersons.

At the meeting's conclusion, Hassan Latheef, who chaired the meeting, said the Elections Commission (EC) had issued a letter confirming the completion of the necessary legal formalities.

The Democrats' founding ceremony was attended by the Parliament Speaker and former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed as the guest of honor. He announced at the event that he would sign up for the Democrats.

The Democrats has decided to nominate a presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election.