EC resolves disagreements over party formation

The Election Commission (EC) has resolved disagreements within the commission over the registration of the emerging political party, The Democrats.

Election Commission members disagreed last month over whether to allow the formation of The Democrats. Two members of the commission, Mohamed Asif and Ali Nashath, accused the commission chairman Fuwad Thawfeek of being influenced by outside parties.

At a press conference held this morning, EC's Vice President Ismail Habeeb acknowledged that there were differences of opinion within the commission regarding the formation of a new political party. Noting that this was the first time such an incident occurred where the presidency and members were in disagreement, Habeeb said the incident created unrest among the commission members and employees.

Habeeb said no such incident had repeated since the meeting and expressed his confidence in the commission president.

“We have agreed that nothing like that will happen in the future,” Habeeb said.

Habeeb further said the commission members are fulfilling their responsibilities, and the commission's meetings and work are proceeding.

Only the commission's President and Vice President were present at today's press conference from among commission members. The commission's Secretary General, Hassan Zakariyya, was also present at the meeting. Commission members Ali Nashath, Mohamed Asif, and Dr. Mohamed Zahir did not attend the press conference. The EC said that Dr. Zahir was currently abroad on a work trip.