The Democrats officially registered as a political party

The Democrats has been officially registered as a political party.

In May, several prominent members of the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) departed from the party and applied to the Election Commission for permission to establish their own political party. On May 24, the commission granted Henveiru West MP Hassan Latheef the authorization to form the party. Following this, "The Democrats" submitted their registration application on June 1, with 3,560 forms.

The Election Commission approved the holding of the inaugural congress for "The Democrats" on July 2. The congress took place on July 5, with the participation of over 300 party members. During the meeting, the party's name, colors, and logo were officially endorsed. Founder Hassan Latheef was elected as the interim chairperson, while Afshan Lateef, former CEO of LGA, Mohamed Ansar, former Deputy Minister of the Environment Ministry, and Mohamed Basheer, President of Noonu Atoll Council, were chosen as his deputies.

The party adopted "The Democrats" as its official name and the common name the "Democrats". The logo chosen for the party features an asterisk, symbolizing the Maldives' national tree, the coconut palm, as well as the characteristic corals found in the region. The party's selected colors are white, baby blue, and black.