MDP's first president resigns from party

Ibrahim 'Ibra' Ismail, the first president of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), has announced his departure from the party.

Ibra took to social media to share the letter of resignation he addressed to the party's Chairperson and his brother, Fayyaz Ibrahim.

According to the letter, Ibra left the party as the government, including its cabinet ministers, was interfering in the judicial system and depriving the people of their rights and freedoms. The letter further said the MDP was originally formed to establish principles of human dignity and equality among the population. However, today's MDP-led government seems to be straying from these ideals, in contradiction with its founding principles, he noted.

Drawing attention to a personal grievance, Ibra noted the government's unfair treatment involving the former administration's decision to terminate a contract with Ibra-owned Mandhu College. He said the injustice was not addressed even by the current government.

"When the government is treating me so unfairly over something that happened on live TV, how can other people expect to get justice?" Ibra asked.

In the letter, Ibra added he could not support a situation where principles conflicting with his beliefs are implemented and where he feels undervalued. He declared his decision to leave the MDP, citing his unwillingness to be associated with the party's current actions and direction.