Maldives tourism surges by 17.4 percent

The number of tourists visiting the Maldives surged by 17.4 this August compared to the same period last year.

According to the Tourism Ministry, 154,854 tourists visited the Maldives in August this year, a significant increase of 22,991 tourists compared to 131,863 visitors in August last year.

While the Maldives has received 1.2 million tourists so far this year, this figure reflects a 14 percent growth from the same period last year. On average, daily tourist arrivals for this year stand at 5,054.

The largest number of tourists visiting the Maldives hails from Russia, with 145,666 arrivals, closely followed by India with 136,497 tourists. China ranks third with 122,181 tourists, and the UK occupies the fourth position with 101,190 tourists.

Currently, the Maldives boasts 173 resorts, 909 guesthouses, 163 safari vessels, and 14 hotels, offering a total of 62,258 beds across these facilities.