Dr. Muizzu vows to reduce rent for Vinares and SOE-built flats

The PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has pledged to lower the rent for Vinares flats and flats constructed by government-owned companies.

Speaking at a street rally held at Maaveyo Magu on Wednesday night, Muizzu said the amounts the government is asking as rent for flats built by government companies and the Vinares flats are excessively high. He said there would be no loss for government-owned companies and Urbanco, the entity leasing Vinares flats, by reducing the rents on these units.

Dr. Muizzu said the funds for constructing the Vinares flats project were secured in the previous administration when he was the Housing Minister. Despite the government's renaming of the project to Vinares, he is well aware of the details of the project, he said.

"They want to charge a high monthly rent from the flat recipients after taking a downpayment of MVR 200,000 - that is now how this project was meant to be carried out," he said.

Muizzu further said the purpose of providing housing is not to give people flats and then make the rent a “trap”, but to offer affordable housing solutions. He assured that he would decrease the rent if elected.

Regarding allegations that he would take away the plots and flats designated for Male' residents by the current government if elected, Dr. Muizzu reiterated his assurance that he would not take away the properties. Instead, he pledged to support the construction of such plots, he said.

Muizzu added that he will fulfill his promises and said there is no other candidate that the people must consider voting for in the second round of the presidential election.