ACC investigates Gedhoruveriyaa flat recipients list amid controversy

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is active at the Planning Ministry premises as part of their investigation into the list of 4,000 flat recipients under the government's Gedhoruveriyaa Scheme.

The government on Sunday publicized the list of Gedhoruveriyaa flat recipients and opened for complaints. The list's release stirred significant controversy, with allegations of points being awarded in violation of grading policies and complaint submission restrictions that may provide undue benefits to certain individuals. ACC confirmed that they received a similar complaint and are investigating the matter.

The ACC has instructed the ministry not to engage in any communication related to the flats until sufficient time is provided to submit complaints and these complaints are appropriately addressed. This includes the signing of agreements and the handover of apartments.

The window for submitting complaints is open from yesterday until 4:00 pm on November 9.