Nasheed threatens to block MDP MPs' overseas travel

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has issued a warning to Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs, threatening to impede their ability to travel abroad.

Nasheed's anger was directed towards MDP MPs, alleging that they had communicated with the organizers of an ongoing conference in Dubai to prevent him from participating in the event. In a message sent to a WhatsApp group of Parliament members, Nasheed stated that the actions of these members would only serve to expose them.

Referring to the election of MDP Hinnavaru MP Jeehan Mahmood as the chair of the IPU Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, Nasheed said that MDP members would be removed from such positions. He emphasized his intention to prevent MDP members from traveling to foreign countries, directing his warning at MDP parliamentary group leader Mohamed Aslam. Nasheed further warned that the losses faced by MDP in the future would be even more damaging.

“We will ensure that MDP members cannot travel to foreign countries,” Nasheed wrote.

MDP members allege that Nasheed traveled to Dubai to obstruct a no-confidence motion against him in Parliament and the Supreme Court.