Fushidhiggaru dredging project achieves 10 hectares in one week

Rhe Fushidhiggaru lagoon dredging project has successfully dredged 10 hectares of land within one week.

Launched by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on December 18, the project aims to pave the way for the government's ambitious RasMale' development project.

The dredging project will create 1,150 hectares of land in Fushidhiggaru, tipple the size of the combined area of Hulhumale' Phase I and Phase II. While Sri Lanka's Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company (CMCC) is dredging the lagoon, they will be granted 60 hectares of land in Fushidhiggaru and an additional 10 hectares in Hulhumale for a duration of 99 years in exchange for their dredging services. With this arrangement, neither the state nor Urbanco will incur any financial burden for the project.

President Muizzu has committed to dredging the entire 1,150 hectares within eight months from the project's commencement. During his presidential campaign, the President outlined an ambitious plan to construct 11,900 plots of land and 26,000 flats in the area. The President had said during his presidential campaign that 11,900 plots of land and 26,000 flats would be built in the area.

The government had included MVR 400 million in next year's budget for the project. However, when the Parliament passed the budget, the funds were redistributed to other projects.