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The number of tourists visiting the Maldives in 2023 surpassed the government's estimated figure by 78,537.

The government's initial estimate had projected 1.8 million tourist arrivals for the year, and this milestone was achieved on December 20.

According to Tourism Ministry statistics, 2023 marked the highest number of tourists visiting the Maldives in its history, with a total of 1,878,537 arrivals. In 2022, the arrival number was 1.6 million.

In 2023, India and Russia emerged as the top tourist source countries in 2023, with 209,100 tourists arriving from each of these countries. China, the UK, and Germany were also significant contributors, with 187,118, 155,730, and 135,090 tourists respectively. Italy followed closely with 118,412 visitors.

According to statistics, 176 resorts, 809 guesthouses, 146 safaris, and 14 hotels were operating for tourism at the end of last year.