PNC confirms 13 candidates for parliamentary ticket

Thirteen individuals have been confirmed ruling Peoples' National Congress (PNC)'s parliamentary tickets without undergoing a primary.

Those who have been confirmed the party tickets include advisor to the president Abdul Raheem Abdulla, existing MPs, and other senior members of the PPM-PNC coalition. They are:

Hoarafushi Constituency: Ali Moosa, Hulhumale
Baarah Constituency: Ibrahim Shujau, Ha. Baarah
Hanimaadhoo Constituency: Idris Abdulla, HDh. Hanimaadhoo
Eydhafushi Constituency: Ahmed Saleem, Male'
Mahibadhoo Constituency: Ahmed Thoriq, ADh. Mahibadhoo
Nilandhoo Constituency: Fathmath Saudha, Male'
Thimarafushi Constituency: Ibrahim Sanah, Th. Thimarafushi
Fonadhoo Constituency: Abdul Raheem Abdulla, L. Fonadhoo
Hithadhoo Central Constituency: Ahmed Azaan Marzooq, S. Hithadhoo
Hulhudhoo Constituency: Mohamed Shahid, S. Hulhudhoo
Galolhu South Constituency: Ibrahim Mohamed, Male'
Hulhumale Central Constituency: Abdulla Shazeem, Hulhumale
Henveiru West Constituency: Ali Ibrahim, Male'

While the PNC primary is scheduled for January 27, the party has yet to disclose the total number of candidates and their respective details.

Earlier, the PNC's decision to exclude certain individuals from the primary due to alleged involvement in internal discord and insufficient contributions stirred controversy. Subsequently, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu reversed the decision, allowing all applicants to participate in the upcoming primary elections.