MDP publicizes final voters list for parliamentary primary

The permanent list of eligible voters for the opposing Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s upcoming parliamentary primary has been publicized.

The list encompasses the list of eligible voters for the 41 constituencies for which the primary will be held. Meanwhile, Tickets have already been awarded for 45 constituencies constituencies. Among those who secured the MDP ticket without a primary are existing MDP members who currently serve in the Parliament.

45 candidates who have already secured MDP tickets:

Ameen Faisal - Kanditheemu Constituency
Saleem Hussain - Inguraidhoo Constituency
Ali Niyaz - Kurendhoo Constituency
Shathir Abdul Rahman - Huraa Constituency
Rugiyya Mohamed - Dhangethi Constituency
Moosa Shiyam Abdullah Ali - Mulah Constituency
Abdulla Shareef - Gamu Constituency
Ahmed Saeed - Gemanafushi Constituency
Ahmed Saeed Mohamed - Gaddhoo Constituency
Ibrahim Muizzu - Henveiru North Constituency
Ahmed Saleem - Hoarafushi Constituency
Mohamed Arif - Ihavandhoo Constituency
Hussain Ziyad - Vaikaradhoo Constituency
Mohamed Raaee - Makunudhoo Constituency
Ali Riza - Milandhoo Constituency
Mohamed Shahid - Funadhoo Constituency
Ahmed Fathih - Holhudhoo Constituency
Ismail Ahmed - Dhuvaafaru Constituency
Mohamed Shafeeq - Thulhaadhoo Constituency
Jeehan Mahmood - Hinnavaru Constituency
Mohamed Luthufee - Maafushi Constituency
Ibrahim Amir - Thulusdhoo Constituency
Ali Ameez - Maamigili Constituency
Ikram Hassan - Dhiggaru Constituency
Iyas Ismail Latheef - Meedhoo Constituency
Hassan Shinan - Guraidhoo Constituency
Hussain Aboobakuru - Fonadhoo Constituency
Yauqoob Abdulla - Dhaandhoo Constituency
Sayyah Khaleel - Kolamaafushi Constituency
Ahmed Gais - Thinadhoo North Constituency
Ahmed Zaeem - Faresmathoda Constituency
Hussain Mohamed Didi - Fuvahmulah Central Constituency
Abdulla Haneef - Feydhoo South Constituency
Mohamed Aslam - Hithadhoo North Constituency
Ibrahim Nazil - Hithadhoo South Constituency
Ibrahim Ali Jaleel - Henveiru Central Constituency
Hussain Shameem - Henveiru South Constituency
Mohamed Ibrahim - Galolhu North Constituency
Mikaeel Ahmed Naseem - Galolhu South Constituency
Lirgam Waheed - Machhangolhi North Constituency
Abdulla Sinan - Machhangolhi South Constituency
Mohamed Falaah - Maafannu West Constituency
Ahmed Amir - Maafannu Central Constituency
Hassan Iaad Saleem - Maafannu South Constituency
Akram Kamaluddin - Machhangolhi Central Constituency

Members will be elected to 93 constituencies in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 17, during the first week of Ramadan.