Over 170 foreigners handed over to Immigration for deportation

A total of 173 foreigners have been handed over to Immigration for deportation, Maldives Police Service has said.

At a press conference, Acting Head of Crime recent Investigation Command, Chief Superintendent of Police Ahmed Nafiz said operations were conducted to track down illegal immigrants. He said these operations were also aimed to put a stop to prostitution activities that were being facilitated by some local individuals in cooperation with foreigners.

The Chief Superindentent said 13 operations had been conducted in these areas so far. These included both police operations and joint efforts by the police and Immigration. The outcome of these operations resulted in 173 individuals being handed over to Immigration for deportation.

There are a significant number of illegal immigrants residing in the Maldives. With an increase in crimes committed by foreigners, many perpetrators tend to go into hiding after their illicit activities.