Maldivian threatens legal action against MDP over unpaid bills

National airline Maldivian has threatened the main opposition, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) with legal action if outstanding dues totaling MVR 5.6 million are not settled promptly.

In a letter addressed to MDP, Maldivian stated that the party is indebted to the airline for MVR 5,629,861 for charter flights previously arranged by the party. These flights were reserved for MDP's use, with the understanding that payment should be remitted within 48 hours of service provision. Despite this agreement, the outstanding balance remains unsettled as of last Wednesday, the letter read.

Maldivian has asked for payment to be made by February 18. If the dues remain unpaid after that, the airline will seek legal action.

It is reported that the outstanding bills are for services obtained during last year's presidential campaign.