Changes brought to Arabiyya School design

Changes have been brought to the proposed design of Arabiyya School's new building.

Originally slated for construction on the site of the Old Jamaluddin School during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration, the location has now been changed to the location of the former Male' landfill area following a decision by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. The foundation stone of the building was laid on February 24.

Education Minister Dr. Ismail Shafeeu said while adjustments have been made to the building's design, they are not substantial enough to bring a major change to the overall design. Dr. Shafeeu cited the necessity for alterations due to a land survey requirement that advises landfilling or sheet piling in the proposed construction area.

"There will be no compromise on essential school components, and the main concept remains unchanged," Dr. Shafeeu emphasized.

The school building will feature 42 classrooms, a multipurpose hall, four elevators, and underground parking. While the previous government planned for a six-floor building, the current administration has opted to expand it to 10 floors. The government aims to inaugurate the school by 2026.