China's DEC awarded contract to solve Addu City's power issues

China's Dong Fang Electric Corp (DEC) has been awarded a project to solve Addu City's longstanding power issues.

The project agreement was signed by FENAKA's Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed at a ceremony held at FENAKA headquarters today. Dong Fang's Vice President Guojun Sun, signed the document on behalf of the company.

The project was awarded under developer finance policy, granting FENAKA a 12-year timeline for payment completion.

During the signing ceremony, Muaz said the government's renewed efforts to solve the electricity problem in Addu City will resolve the city's power woes for the next 25 years. He acknowledged that the problem had been plaguing Addu City for years, and emphasized the pressing need for a solution.

Muaz said the newly signed contract will develop Addu City's power plant with a capacity of 32 MW. This enhancement will be implemented across two phases, involving the installation of two 9.8 MW and two 5.8 MW generators. Upon project culmination, the capacity will be upgraded to 50 MW, he said.